Monday, January 28, 2013

All Boys, All Blogged: January 29, 2013

Focus: What causes a person to lose control, and is it possible to regain control once it has been lost?

A word about your participation grades...

1. Warm-up: Agree, disagree, unsure

Macbeth is evil.

Lady Macbeth is evil.

Macbeth can still redeem himself.

Macbeth has completely lost control of himself.

Macbeth is insane.

Duncan's murder is Macbeth's fault.

Now that Macbeth has been corrupted, there is no turning back.

2. Finish watching Act 2, scenes 2 and 3 with a focus on directorial choices

3. Taking over Act 3: Forming acting companies, assigning scenes, and getting down to it!

  • Task 1: Paraphrase your scene
  • Task 2: Start working through your yellow prep sheet

1. Complete the front and back of the first page of your new green grammar packet.
2. If you have not yet received feedback on your word trace entries (or you'd like more), please PRINT your entries and turn them in tomorrow.
3. Complete any work assigned by your acting company.

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