Friday, January 11, 2013

All Boys, All Blogged: January 14, 2013

Focus: Whom do we trust, and what do we believe?

1. Warm-up: Glimpsing your own future
Write down predictions/prophecies for your personal life... 

  • For the next two and a half years of high school
  • For what happens right after high school
  • For your life as as an adult (career, education, family, successes and failures, location, etc.)

Each of you will receive two slips of paper: One with "a prophet" and one with "a prophecy." Create a two-columned chart on your "Superstitions" document with "believable" on one side and "unbelievable" on the other side.  As we pass around the slips of paper, decide whether not you find each "prophet" is believable, as well as which "prophecies" are believable.  Write them in the appropriate columns.

Discussion: Which ones were believable and why?  Which ones were unbelievable and why?  What do we like to believe in? 

2. Finish acting out 1.3
How does Macbeth respond to the witches' prophecies? Why does he respond this way?
How does Banquo respond to the witches' prophecies?  Why?
How would  you have responded?

3. Act out 1.4 and 1.5
What do these scenes suggest about trust and deception?

1. Complete word trace entries for each time your word appeared in our reading today.
2. Complete the front and back of the first page of your new grammar packet.
3. Banned book proposal due this Wednesday (see link in Friday's homework and handout from today).

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