Thursday, January 10, 2013

All Boys, All Blogged: January 11, 2013

Focus: Why do we believe in superstitions and rituals?

1. Warm-up: Quick noun Q&A

2. Taking grammar Quiz #1: Nouns

3. Writing a smart, well-organized paragraph on superstitions

Topic: There are more people in our country believe in the power of superstitions and rituals than people who believe in evolution.  Why do superstitions and rituals play a significant role in our lives? 

Please compose a well-organized, thoughtful paragraph in response to the topic above.  You should have an attention-grabbing opening sentence, a topic sentence that established your three main points, three specific examples to support the main points, analysis of each example, and a concluding sentence.

Step 1: Brainstorm (personal, literary, historical, political, cinematic, musical, psychological, scientific, etc.)
Step 2: Outline: Which three points are you going to use, and which examples will you use to support them?
Step 3: Draft your paragraph
Step 4: Proofread
Step 5: Print

4. If time, finishing Act 1, scene 3 of Macbeth

1. Make sure your word trace journal is complete so far (you should have an entry for every instance in which your word has appeared in Act 1); please make sure journals are TYPED, and follow the example on the yellow handout.

2. Read the overview of the banned book independent reading project, and start thinking about which book you might want to read.  Please click HERE to read about the banned book project and to download the proposal.  The proposal will be due Wednesday, January 16.

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  1. I believe that people create rituals and have superstitions in hopes that it will increase their performance, help them achieve goals, or give them good luck in general. I think it is almost like "good hysteria" that people have when they participate in a ritual or superstition because if you tell someone something enough they'll start believing it, and if someone thinks something is lucky and that something aids them in a task once then they'll keep repeating it just in hopes of the same luck.
    -Matt Myers.