Monday, January 21, 2013

All Boys, All Blogged: January 22, 2013

Focus: What motifs and themes emerge when we view Act 1 as a whole?

1. Warm-up: Making self-improvements for the week!
    a. Explaining your weekly participation grades
    b. Handing back your timed writings and discussing revision possibilities

Please note that your revision will not be accepted unless you follow the policy below:

1. You must highlight all changes on the new draft in TWO colors: One color for all grammatical/mechanical changes (the marks I made in orange), and one color for all content changes (the comments I made in black).

2. You must attach the new draft to the original draft with my comments and the rubric.

3. You must type a brief explanation (3-6 sentences) of how your revisions specifically improved your essay.

2. Recapping Act 1
    a. On a plot level, scene 1 is about...; on a deeper level, scene 1 is about...(do this for each scene)
    b. Performing a double-reading of Macbeth's soliloquy at the end of Act 1
    c. Viewing the film version of Act 1; what are TWO symbolic choices made by the director, and what do  
    they signify?

1. Essay revisions are due this Friday.  Please refer to revision policy posted above.  Conferences are highly recommended--set one up today!
2. Bring in a typed copy of your word trace entries this Wednesday.
3. Bring your banned book to class this Friday.

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