Wednesday, January 16, 2013

All Boys, All Blogged: January 17, 2013

Focus: Taking the English 10 common assessment

1. Warming up with ACT trickery

Did somebody drop  [ his or her  /  their ] wallet?
People in the class were careful not drop [  his or her  /  their ] laptops on the floor.

2. Taking the common assessment

3. If you finish early, please start on the Macbeth "quiz" (it's not so much a quiz as a comprehension check; you can use your notes, and we will continue filling it in as we watch the film version tomorrow).

1. Make sure your green grammar packet is completed and review it to prepare for tomorrow's grammar quiz.
2. Acquire your banned book by next Friday.
3. Double check your work for the week (Blog entries?  Banned book proposal? Word trace entries?)

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