Tuesday, January 22, 2013

All Boys, All Blogged: January 23, 2013

Focus: Can a good person commit an evil deed and still be a good person?

Ms. Leclaire has a story to share with you.  It's called "The Shameful Tragedy of the Laptop Cart."

1. Warm-up: Exploring the two sides of Macbeth's conscience in 1.7 (and does Lady Macbeth have a conscience?)

2. Acting out Act 2, scene 1 with the following tasks:
  • When you see any passages that have to do with good, evil, or guilt (or lack of guilt), please mark them.
  • Keep looking for your word trace word.

3. Viewing the film version of Act 1 with the following focus:

  • What are TWO symbolic choices made by the director, and what do they signify?
1. Update your word trace entries for Act 2, scene 1, print them, and bring ALL ENTRIES to class tomorrow.  Please follow the example given to you in class (it's a yellow packet).

2. Work on your essay revisions (due Friday). Remember that these are required if you received a 39 out of 50 or below.

3. Bring your banned book to class Friday.  If you have time, start reading it this week.

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