Friday, April 5, 2013

All Boys, All Blogged: April 8, 2013

Focus: Editing the introduction and first body paragraph

1. Warm-up: Quick deconstruction of the introduction

2. Peer editing each other's introductions

Does the opening sentence grab your attention WITHOUT asking a question?

Does the middle of the introduction introduce the book and film?  Does it give enough information?  Does it give too much?

Does the introduction transition smoothly into the thesis statement?

Is the thesis the very last sentence of the introduction?

3. Quick deconstruction of the body paragraph; peer editing each other's body paragraphs (see PPT)

4. Taking to time to make revisions to your introduction and body paragraph; start composing your second body paragraph

1. Edited introduction, edited first body paragraph, and rough second body paragarph are due WEDNESDAY.
2. Complete rough draft (edited introduction, 1st body paragraph, 2nd body paragraph, and rough conclusion) is due THURSDAY.
3. Book-film club proposal (green sheet) is due THURSDAY; remember that you do not yet need your parent's signature on this.

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