Wednesday, April 17, 2013

All Boys, All Blogged: April 18, 2013

Focus: Combining your ability to invent with your ability analyze history

1. A quick warm-up: Which projection into the future is stronger and why?

Projection #1: In the year 2021, Apple releases a new version of iPod that is smaller, comes in various colors and patterns, and can be worn as jewelry.

Projection #2: In the year 2021, Apple releases iChip 1, an iPod that measures one millimeter by one millimeter and can be implanted directly into the tympanic cavity of the ear.  Although the iChip has to be surgically implanted, it is an outpatient procedure costing less than a typical professional teeth whitening session. Many recipients of the iChip 1, however, complain about the inability to turn the iChip off, finding themselves tormented by constant noise and unable to think or concentrate.

2. A few reminders:

  • Look at yesterday's essay checklist before turning in your essay.
  • Please get your parent's signatures on your proposals by tomorrow so that we can get started!
  • Go directly to the Forum tomorrow; be prepared to take notes and ask questions.
  • Final banned book presentations will take place this Monday, April 22.

3. Working on your mockumentaries: Finishing your timeline and starting your script

Finishing your timeline should be your big goal of the day since we will not be working on your mockumentary tomorrow, and you will have only two workdays next week.

2. Bring your book-film club books to class tomorrow.
3. Get your parents' signatures on your proposals ASAP.

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