Monday, April 1, 2013

All Boys, All Blogged: April 2, 2013

Focus: Laying the organizational groundwork for your essay

1. Warm-up: Introducing you to book clubs!  Overview, letter, and time to browse

2. Google sharing your thesis statements and getting peer feedback

Is it clear (well-worded and easy to understand)?
Is it specific (mentions specific characters, symbols, titles, and problems/solutions)?
Is it debatable (makes an argument instead of merely summarizing what happens)?
Is it provable (can be backed up by examples from both texts)?

3. Putting your thesis to work in your outline; composing topic sentences

1. Continue working on outline; completed outline is due this Thursday at the beginning of class.
2. Start thinking about which book you want to read for your book club.
3. Remember that all make-up work is due this Friday, April 5 (end of 12 weeks).
4. Final persuasive speeches this Friday.

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