Wednesday, April 10, 2013

All Boys, All Blogged: April 11, 2013

Focus: Introducing yourself to the mockumentary

Please make sure your complete rough draft has been shared with me at the following address:

1. Collecting book-film club proposals and taking a quick glimpse at the rest of the semester

2. Enjoying a few sample mockumentaries from years past and perusing the overview

3. Brainstorming topics and forming your how/why chart

4. Making a plan for Friday and Monday

1. Continue today's mockumentary work; by the end of Friday, please complete your how/why chart and at least half of your annotated research.

2. Monday will be the last day of editing for your comparative essays; make sure your rough draft is carefully proofread and is in its very best shape before Monday.  Have an adult (or a very smart friends) proofread it.

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