Sunday, April 14, 2013

All Boys, All Blogged: April 15, 2013

Focus: Making final revisions to your synthesis essays

Say hello to Mrs. Makovsky!

1. Warm-up: Reviewing the rubric (feel to ask Mrs. Makosvsky or e-mail your questions to me)

2. Editing TWO peer essays using the rubric:
  • Once you have figured out who is editing which essay, it should be QUIET in the classroom so that everyone may concentrate.  You may listen to music using headphones if you wish.
  • You should leave your feedback directly on the Google doc so that I can see it.

  • You need to comment on every single item on the rubric; this is why good editing takes a while (you should be spending at least 20 minutes on each essay).

3. Revising your essay based on peer feedback

1. Finish revising your essay.  Remember that WEDNESDAY is the early bird deadline, and FRIDAY is the final deadline.

2. Purchase your book-film club book by this Friday.

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