Thursday, April 11, 2013

All Boys, All Blogged: April 12, 2013

Focus: Laying the groundwork for your mockumentaries

Say hello to Mrs. Boldman!  Get some good work done on your mockumentaries today, and enjoy!

1. Completing your how-why chart; please see blue packet for the example and follow it closely.  Share it with me via Google docs when you finish it (label it, "How/Why Chart" and make sure it has an MLA heading).

2. Starting on your research; remember that you need at least FIVE articles, and you must annotate them.  Again, see blue packet for an example.  When you finish researching and annotating, please share it with me via Google docs (label it, "Annotated Research," and give it an MLA heading).

1. Please finish your how/why chart AND annotated research by Tuesday at the latest.

2. Work on your synthesis essay rough draft; make as many revisions as you can before Monday so that it's in its very, very best shape for the final day of editing.

3. Purchase your book film club book by next Friday, April 19.

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