Tuesday, April 2, 2013

All Boys, All Blogged: April 3, 2013

Focus: Finish laying the groundwork for your synthesis essays

1. Warm-up: Save my topic sentences! I need two brave volunteers--one who feels pretty good about his topic sentences, and one who is in desperate need of help.

2. Continue editing your thesis and topic sentences

3. Working on your outlines

Remember that you can either type your outline or handwrite it in the orange packet; either way, be sure to follow the exact format of the orange packet so that you don't accidentally forget anything.

1. Finish your outline before the beginning of class tomorrow.
2. Remember that this Friday is the end of 12 weeks; please submit any make-up work before then.
3. The final persuasive essays are taking place this Friday.
4. Think about which book you will be reading for your book-film club; you'll be making a final decision over the weekend.

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