Friday, April 26, 2013

All Boys, All Blogged: April 26, 2013

Focus: Developing the script for your mockumentary

Class ends at 8:11 am today (spring assembly).

1. Warm-up: Listening to an opening clip from a "real" documentary

What do you notice about the script itself (powerful words and phrases)?
How does the script turn this into a movie about us? In other words, how does it capture human interest?
What ideas can you steal for your mockumentary?

2. Offering a few thoughts about the script:
It should have a powerful opening and closing.
It needs smooth transitions between years/events.
This is a great place to show off your creative voice; choose your words carefully.
You need to have it written out EXACTLY as it will be narrated.

3. Time to finish your timeline and work on your script.

1. Finish your timeline before tomorrow morning and make sure it's shared with me.
2. Continue working on your script.
3. Assigned book club reading.

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