Friday, April 19, 2013

All Boys, All Blogged: April 22, 2013

Focus: Setting up expectations for book-film clubs

Please have out your signed book club proposals and book club books.

1. Warm-up: Final banned book presentations


2. Warm-up: What would you do if...

2. Establishing in-class and out-of-class expectations for your club; after receiving my approval, please print and sign them.

Outside of class:
Work Ethic: How much time should we spend on reading each night?  What do we need to do as we read?  What is our division of labor (writing prompts, discussion questions, activities)?

Accountability: What happens of some members of our group drop the ball?  Forget their book?  Don’t finish the assigned reading?  How do we prevent ugly situations?  How do we enforce the expectations?
In class:
Work Ethic: What are our expectations for discussion? How do we plan to spend class time?

Accountability: What happens if two of us (or all of us) starting losing our focus?  What happens if the bell rings and we haven’t accomplished everything we were supposed to do?

3. Setting up your reading calendar for the next three weeks (see Google calendar)

4. Creating your Google site and/or wikispace and/or other website for your book club

1. Assigned book club reading for Wednesday; BRING YOUR BOOK TOMORROW FOR READING TIME.

2. Please be here by 11:25 tomorrow and bring your banned book; you will have a banned book reading day.  If you do not have your signed proposal by tomorrow,  you will be reading A Separate Peace (a school-approved book) for the entire book film club unit.

3. Continue working on your timeline and script for your mockumentary.

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