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All Boys, All Blogged: April 10, 2013

Focus: Editing, revising, and drafting your body paragraphs


  • The make-up day for presentations will be one week from this Friday, on Friday, April 19.
  • Make sure your outlines and rough drafts are shared with me.  If they're not, I am assuming you have not done them.  Please keep them together on a single document.
  • Complete rough drafts are due tomorrow, and they are worth 50 points.  Late work will be penalized 10 points a day, and it is your responsibility to make sure your rough draft is shared with me on time.
  • Please see my feedback on your essays so far. 

1. Warm-up: Introduction to conclusions

Sample conclusion from first semester:

The call can leave a hero asking himself what he can do, and accepting that call can lead to trials that he wasn’t ready for. The hero must accept the call and go through the trials that face him. Amir from The Kite Runner and Batman from the Batman Begins have both become heroes; in the end Amir saves Sorhab from a life of abuse, and Amir learns something about himself in the process. Batman saves Gotham by stopping Raz Agouls’ ultimate scheme and freeing the people of Gotham from certain death. These heroes both accept the call, and rise to the trials they face ahead. That is why these are the two most important parts of a hero’s journey,as a hero is made not in a day but instead through a lifetime of choosing the right path, no matter how treacherous that path may be.

2. Who needs to edit, who needs to revise, and who needs to draft (and who needs to do all three)?  Quiet time for getting your drafts into excellent shape for tomorrow

1. Complete rough draft is due tomorrow.
2. Book proposals are also due.

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