Monday, February 4, 2013

All Boys, All Blogged: February 4, 2013

Focus: What causes a person to lose control, and can that control be regained once it's lost?

And the Acting Company winners are...

1. Warm-up: Interpreting Banquo's haunting of Macbeth


a. Why do you think Macbeth is haunted by the ghost of Banquo, but not by the ghost of Duncan?

b. At this point in the play, do you feel sorry for Macbeth, or do you see him as a crazed 

c. If you were directing the film and you wanted to evoke sympathy for Macbeth, how would you 
stage 3.4,  the scene in which Banquo’s ghost returns to haunt Macbeth? Things to think about…
would the audience get to see Banquo’s ghost?  What does it look like?  How would Macbeth 

d. How would your staging change if you wanted to distance him from the audience emotionally?

2. Viewing the film version of Act 3 while completing the yellow Act 3 quotation analysis sheet

3. Discussing the yellow Act 3 quotation analysis sheet for deeper comprehension

1. Please finish your grammar packet by tomorrow.
2. Read the final scene of Act 3 on your own; be prepared for a mini-quiz on Act 3 tomorrow.

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