Tuesday, February 26, 2013

All Boys, All Blogged: February 27, 2013

Focus: What does the society in F451 look like?  How does it compare to our society?

1. Warm-up: Responding to the initial survey, but in character (Montag, Mildred, Clarisse, or Beatty)

History books are accurate.
Television news is accurate.
Watching T.V. is bad.
T.V. programs are realistic.
“Reality T.V.” is real.
People must be treated equally.
The government should always try to make people happy.
People should always obey the government.
Technology plays a positive role in our lives.

2. Thinking about how accurate Bradbury has been so far in predicting the future
Small Group Directions: 
a. Type a few sentences of explanation of the role your motif has played in F451 so far. In other words, how is it described and why?
b. Find at least one quotation from the book and include it in your explanation.  Please cite it MLA style.
c. Argue whether or not you think our society is similar to the society in F451 in terms of this particular motif.  In other words, has Bradbury's prediction come true?
d. Find one piece of contemporary "evidence" to support your claim (for example, a commercial, a video, a website, an article, etc).
e. Give your document an MLA heading, proofread it, print it, and turn it in!

Here are the motifs (choose ONE):
T.V. (the "parlour walls")
The "seashells" (the earpieces they're always listening to)
Teenage violence
Dangerously fast-faced society

1. Complete your reading and annotating assignment for tomorrow's fishbowl discussion.
2. Bring your banned book to school on Friday.
3. Finish today's activity if you did not finish in class.

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