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All Boys, All Blogged: March 6, 2013

Focus: What is the purpose of Bradbury's allusions in F451?

With the partner of your choice, you will be competing today for literary excellence!  The most accurate responses to the TCAP questions and the most thorough, thoughtful responses to the "Dover Beach" questions will earn you and your partner a treat from the Leclaire dessert/breakfast menu.

Directions: Please create a Google doc and give an MLA heading that includes both of your names.  Number and record your answers to the TCAP questions, then label your "Dover Beach" questions underneath.  Take your time and work carefully and slowly.  When you are finished, please print your responses.

1. Warm-up:  A little TCAP contest...with great rewards!

2. Cleverly unraveling the poem you're about to meet in F451: "Dover Beach"

a. Tell me the story of each stanza. In other words, put each stanza into your own words.

b. Tell me everything you know about the poem's speaker.

c. Find an important metaphor and explain it to me carefully (what is being compared to what and why?).

d. Find three images, each appealing to a different sense, and explain what they contribute to the poem.

e. Describe what you think is the poem's tone.  Defend your response with two details from the poem.

f. Identify what you see as an important shift in the poem, and explain the nature of the shift.

g. Find one important allusion in the poem.  Look up that allusion, and explain why the poem might make this particular allusion.  In other words, what does it contribute to the poem.

h. Explain one of the poem's motifs, supporting your response with two details from the poem.

i. Explore two sound devices in this poem and explain what larger idea they help reveal (ex: alliteration, assonance, rhyme, euphony, cacophony, etc.).

j. What do you think its the poem's theme?  In other words, what lesson is it trying to teach us?

k. Of all the poems in the entire world, why might Bradbury include this one in F451?  (You will be coming across it in tonight's reading).  In other words, how does this theme of this poem overlap with the ideas in F451?

l. Ask one good level 3 question that pertains to this poem.

1. Finish reading and annotating the assigned pages in F451 to prepare for tomorrow's fishbowl.
2. Please finish today's assignment if you did not finish in class.
3. Continue working on your banned book persuasive speech.

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