Thursday, March 14, 2013

All Boys, All Blogged: March 15, 2013

Focus: What warnings does Bradbury offer us about our present and future?

I will be checking annotations today.  Remember that if they're not ready to go before the bell rings, they are late and can only receive half credit at the most.

1. Some thoughts about your future...

2. Cooking up a recipe for F451: A creative (and delicious) approach to Bradbury's themes and motifs

3. Augmenting our vocabularies by learning Bradbury's: Learning some of the SAT vocabulary from F451

Announcement: Our final fishbowl discussion has been moved to Tuesday; persuasive speeches are still being held this Monday.

1. Prepare for Tuesday's final fishbowl by reading and annotating the rest of F451.  Remember that this will be our last fishbowl discussion of the year, so make it the best one.

2. The day of the final fishbowl on Tuesday, we will begin class with a brief reading quiz.  If you perform better on this quiz than you did on the last one, your new grade will replace your old one.

3. Prepare for your banned book persuasive speech on Monday.

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