Thursday, November 1, 2012

All Boys, All Blogged: November 2, 2012

Focus: Augmenting your vocabulary and your understanding of the hero's journey

1. Warm-up: SAT List 7 vocabulary review:

Scattegories: Round 1

  • Something you would do to gird yourself for a zombie attack
  • A type of animal that daunts you
  • A student behavior that would keep English 10 in a state of flux
  • A place where you might find a hovel
  • An exclamation that a cadaverous pirate might make

Scattegories: Round 2

  • Types of sounds that you would hear in a gothic, haunted mansion
  • A country where many people suffer from penury
  • The place in your house that serves as an egress to the magical land of Narnia
  • A kind of food that brings you great felicity
  • Something a despot would say to his subjects

2. SAT List 7 quiz

3. Overview of the hero's journey essay (click here for the electronic version of the essay overview).

4. Time to finish brainstorming and to start narrowing down the topic of your essay.


HW: By Monday, your yellow hero's journey chart needs to be finished, as does the chart in your essay overview (including specific quotations); continue working on book talk.

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