Tuesday, October 23, 2012

All Boys, All Blogged: October 24, 2012

Focus: Reading between the lines: Foreshadowing in Chapter 24

Warm-up: Here are two questions posed during yesterday's fantastic fishbowl that deserve a little personal writing: 
         (1) If guilt leads to good, can we achieve redemption?
         (2) What does it take to trust someone?  
Please spend the first 10 minutes of class freewriting on one or both of the following questions.  

Large class discussion: Finding the subtle foreshadowing in Ch. 24 for the disaster at the end of the chapter, as well as hints as to whether Sohrab lives or dies.

My feedback from yesterday's fishbowl discussion.

Time to start reading Chapter 25 together.

HW: Read and annotate the end of The Kite Runner; prepare for our final fishbowl discussion! Start studying for Friday's SAT List 6 quiz; independent reading.

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