Wednesday, October 31, 2012

All Boys, All Blogged: October 31, 2012

Shortened class: 11:00-11:28

Focus: How does the film version of The Kite Runner alter or heighten (or ruin? Hopefully not) your interpretation of the novel?

Warm-up: Mrs. Makovsky's notes about you.  Also, how was the PSAT?

Finish watching and discussing the film: What is the single most powerful choice you think the director made?  What is the worst choice you think the director made and why?

Overview of the hero's journey essay; start brainstorming using the Joseph Campbell chart.

HW: Complete the first page of the hero's journey chart.  Attempt to fill in each box in specific detail, but you may leave one blank if it simply doesn't apply.  Also, continue working on your speech; prepare to sign up on Friday.  Lastly, start studying for Friday's List 7 vocabulary quiz (we will review briefly in class tomorrow).

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