Monday, August 27, 2012

What's Behind Door #1?

A FEW TIPS: To read this painting, use the technique we practiced in class today: Gather as many "clues," or specific details as you can; try to find something that no one else in the class sees.  Then, try to piece them together to tell a larger story.  Remember to make the story as complete as possible.

YOUR TASK: In your blog, please describe which THREE clues, or details, were the most significant to this painting and why.  Then, tell us what you see as the larger picture.  Please remember to read others' posts before you create your own, and try to reference someone else's interpretation.


  1. I see a child walking to school with 4 U.S. Marshals, k k k and the N-word on they wall aside from her, and someone though a tomato at the wall.
    This was probably in the 60's and it was when racism was still around. This young girl is the first African american to go to this white school and so the police has to escort this girl to prevent any injuries to this girl. So on her way there, She was probably being yelled at and people throwing thing at her like the tomato.

  2. The three details that I notice about the picture is that the 4 U.S. Marshals are walking in-sync, that Norman Rockwell wrote his name in cursive (kind of like how they teach young kids in elementary school), and that the girl is carrying school supplies.

    This picture was drawn to symbolize how rough segregation was. I would agree with Richard that this picture takes place in the 60's because of the racist comments on the wall, "KKK", and "N*****." The little girl is being escorted to her school by U.S. Marshals because she could be hurt or even murdered on her way to school without them.

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  4. After looking over the picture, I noticed three major details. First, as Richard said, I noticed how there is a tomato thrown at the wall. This is significant because it shows hatred towards the little girl and how the public does not want her going to school. In addition, I noticed how the two men in the front are wearing wedding rings, while the one in the back is not. As I do not have an explanation for this, I believe this does have some sort of significance. Finally, I noticed how the men in the front had darker skin and the men in the back had lighter skin. To me, this shows how they are defeating racism and people with different colored skin can work together as a unit.

    As I look at the picture and try to sum it up as a whole, I believe the artist was trying to show how the government did in fact try to defeat racism during this time period. The deputy marshals protecting the African American girl going to school showed the governments support of African American freedom, while the derogatory writing and the tomato on the wall showed the white public's disapproval. As Richard and Austin said, I do believe this was in the 60's, particularly the late 60's. I say this took place in the late 60's because that was about the time the government starting taking action to try and defeat racism.

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  6. I noticed three major details which describe the story of the Painting. First, the little girl is African-American and she is carrying books this is significant because it shows that she is walking to school and not just going anywhere that also shows that the racial integration of the school systems was a very controversial topic of the time period. There is a tomato splat on the wall this is important because it shows people's fight against racial integration in the United States. She is also being escorted by government officials more specifically Deputy U.S. Marshalls shows how dangerous it is to integrate this one girl into an all white school.

    This painting was made to show the outcome and effects of the Ruby Bridges vs. William Frantz Elementary School Board of Education Case of 1960 because it shows the violent people who were upset at the results of the case and decided to fight back, it also shows how the guards were used for her protection and their importance because she would be in a lot of danger without them probably seriously injured or maybe even murdered. It just shows how rough that time period was for African-Americans.

  7. One of the three major details I noticed was the us marshal band around the four guys arms. It shows that the little girl is being escorted by them. Another detail I noticed was the tamato that looked like it was thrown at them. This shows that all the other people not in the paint do not like whats going on. The last detail I noticed was that the little black girl is carring her books, pencils, and a ruler. This shows that she is going to school.

    This painting is about when the blacks got to go to school with the whites for the first time in the 60's. The little girl is being escorted to school by the us marshals so that the students do not fget attacked or killed. Some one didn't like it so much that they decided to throw a tamato at them to show there displeasure about the whole situation. Not many people liked it at all when this happened but it helped integrate blacks and whites.

  8. While looking at this picture the three clues I found were the thrown tomato, the words on the wall behind the girl and the US Marshalls around the girl. I agree with richard on the thrown tomato because he said that the white people didn't want african americans to go to their childrens school. I think that the words are signifigant because it proves what time period we are in. The Marshalls gaurding the girl are signifigant because they are making sure that she doesn't get hurt. I think that this proves that the government was trying to get a rid of segregation.

    The story behind the painting is its during the 1960's where there was a lot of racial events happening. You can tell because of the "k k k" and the tomato thrown at the girl. This is when a little girl is going to a white school for the first time and the parents don't want her there. I think that the Marshalls are there to protect the girl from anything.

  9. In this picutre you can clearly see that this is taking place in the racism age of the United states, because you can see that this african american girl is being escorted to class by 4 U.S Marshall's.. It also looks like someone was not happ about it, so they threw a tomato at her, there for explaining the red splatter on the wall. Another clue I saw was the KKK carved into the wall.

    This painting is showing that the african american girl as attending a school, most likly a white one, and the students are not very happy about it, so they are showing signs of racism by throwing tomatos at her or by carving anti black goups into the walls she walks by. The nation was worried about this so they had U.S Marshall's escort her to her classes and all that, so she wouldnt be hurt, or even killed by the white students or facilty memebers of the school.

  10. In this painting, I noticed a few things. One of the first things that caught my eye was the writing of racial slurs in the background wall. Another thing that I saw was the tomato that was obviously meant to hit the African American girl. One other detail was that the little girl was carrying school supplies.

    What I think that the main or big picture of this painting is the black girl is trying to go to a white school, which is why she needs to be escorted by the four U.S. Marshals. This was painted about the era of the Civil Rights movement, which explains the writing on the wall and the tomato that was thrown at her. This painting was meant to show people how bad it must have been for a black girl to go to a white school.

  11. In this photo there are a lot of clues of what is going on. There is a little black girl who is carrying school supplies, there is the word "nigger" on the wall. There is also K.K.K on the wall, along with a splattered tomato on the wall. They are 4 Deputy US Marshals. One of the marshals has a letter in his pocket probably saying to escort the young girl to school.

    The story behind this is it is during the time where there many racist people. The schools were trying to integrate the schools. The people of the town were not happy. The Us marshals were ordered to big the girl to school to make sure she was safe.

  12. When i look at this picture i immediately notice the 4 U.S. marshals, the red tomato on the ground and the N word on the wall. I think this was when segregation was being eliminated but white people did not except it, thus the thrown tomato, the N word on the wall, and an escort by US marshals. Also i didn't notice Norman Rockwell's signature until i read Austin Bank's post.

  13. After scanning and dissecting the painting, I found many details and many ways I could go to describe this painting. One, as Easton stated, there are us marshal bands around the four guys arms, the n word written in the backround as well as the kkk. I also noticed that there is a tomato thrown at the wall behind the girl that probably was meant to hit her. I think that this means that the men in front of the little girl are escorting her to school so she does not get hurt.

    I think that this painting is describing what times used to be like for the blacks and how tough the civil rights movement was. My guess about this painting is that there is a little girl going to school and it is so dangerous outside for blacks that US marshals have to give the little girl an escort to school.

  14. After looking at the painting for a little while and two things that are on a same type of level are the words KKK and also Nigger. Now I also notice that all of the 5 people walking in this photo are black and I also noticed that there were tomatoes on the ground and wall. Now in the bigger picture of things I believe that this was most likely set in a 1945 to 1970's time when the segregation of blacks and whites was very prominent. And I also believe that the tomatoes show how cruel some people were to black people in earlier times and how much things have really changed in 40 years.

  15. This is a painting of which I have analyzed and seen before. I know some background of this but I will still be interpreting clues as if I've never seen it. The first thing that stands out to me is the little girl. She is in the middle of the painting so my eye is drawn there. After the little girl I notice the other men and right away I realize the girl is black the men are white. The second clue I notice is that all of the men are wearing a very similar attire. They all have some sort of suit of similar color and all have a yellow arm band around their upper arms. The third thing I notice is the "N" word on the wall and the smushed tomatoe to the right of it. This word may or may not be referring to the little girl and the tomatoe may not be aimed at her but I believe it is more than a coincidence that there is a little black girl being escorted with the "N" word behind her and a tomatoe smushed on the wall. If you scan the little girl you will notice she is carrying a book and other school supplies. I think what this painting is showing is a little black girl being escorted to school because it is in a racist time era and she needs protection from people trying to harm her yet she doesn't mind a thing because she is fortunate enough to receive an education.

  16. After looking at the painting I saw many clues but here are the three biggest. The first clue was the little girl is African American and she has school supplies. The second was that she is begin escorted by U.S. marshal's. The last clue I saw was the n-word on the wall and a splattered tomato on the wall that was obviously thrown.

    I think the bigger picture of this painting is that it is during the Civil Rights movement and the little girl is trying to go to a white person school. But everyone is racist and there are groups like the "K.K.K" so she needs U.S marshal's to escort her to school so that she is safe.

  17. I believe the most cruical details in the picture are the kkk engraved in the wall, the vacant expression on the girls face, the four U.S. marshalls, and the school supplies the girl is caring.

    I remember an instance we learned in history when a kid had to get an escort from the national gaurd. I believe this picture represents what african american students went through on a daily bases.

  18. After looking thoroughly at this painting. I found words like KKK and N*gg** drawn on this wall and as Easton says there are US Marshal bands around the upper arms of the men surrounding the girl. There is also a tomato that was thrown at her. I thinking this girl has to be escorted from her house to school because he is going in to a mostly white school and she is one of the only black people there.

    I think this is the in the 60's right after the Brown vs. The Board of Education and this little girl was one of little girls who were the first to go to an integrated school. And the racism was so bad back then that the president had to call the US Marshall in to keep these children from getting hurt. Which is a very tale tale sigh of the time period and how much we have grown since then.

  19. After glancing at this painting for awhile there are 3 main things that stand out to me. The first thing I noticed in this painting is the tomatoes smashed on the wall and on the ground. The second thing I noticed was the four men surrounding her and on their arms is a patch that says "Deputy U.S. Marshal." The third thing that caught my eye is the "N" word and KKK written on the wall. I think the bigger picture of this painting is this girl is trying to attend a school of some sorts and by the looks of the security she has and the thrown tomatoes at her it seems that people aren't happy about it. With the profane words written on the wall behind her it seems that there is a lot of racism involved and also by the way the little girl is dressed and same with the U.S. Marshals it seems like they are in the 50's and there was a lot of racism towards the blacks in the 50's.

  20. What a interesting work of art? This painting really gets my mind going. Instantly I can see themes. Racism, lots of color, body postures are some of the few things that this painting does well. Most importantly it tells a story. A story about prejudice.
    I can easily see what is happening here. Just a little girl, just like any other (on the inside) trying to simply go to school. But she cant. The world (at the time) was too filled with hate and feelings that aren't necessary. My eye was drawn to the signs that show this hate. The tomatoes, Nigger written on the wall, and the fact that she has to be escorted to school just so things don't get taken too far. This painting is meant to wake up society.

  21. In the painting some clues that stand out, are the yellow bands on the shoulders of the men symbolizing their status as a Deputy U.S. Marshal. The books in the girl's hand also seem important and stand out to me. Finally, the N world and KKK written on the wall look very important in the picture.

    From these clues I can infer that this painting is of a young black schoolgirl in the 50s or 60s dealing with racism as she attempts to go to school. In the painting it looks like the U.S. Marshals are escorting the girl while a crowd of people (probably racists) attempts to throw things such as tomatoes in order to prevent her from going to school. The girl's determined and somewhat calm looking face suggests that she has dealt with this situation numerous times, possibly every time she goes to school.

  22. After reviewing this image a few things that stood out are the U.S deputy Marshall's escorting the young African american child, also notice the tomatoes on the walls and the sad look on the young girls face. Also the vulgar on the wall.

    The bigger picture in this would be that during segregation the little girl was most likely attending a all white school and to make sure this girl was safe she had to be escorted.

  23. This painting is running my mind crazy. It has the red on the wall, a faint word on the wall, and the african american girl in the middle with books. This must have been a very prejudice time in history.
    The story of this painting sticks out like a aour thumb if you study it hard enough. This little girl is trying to get apart of the american dream to get education like the rest of society. She has to be escorted to school because there is so much hate going on like the tomatoes and the N word on the wall. This is ment to wake people up so they see what people had to go through , i mean not every one in america got a slice of the dream everyone craived.

  24. I did not just look at this painting but i instead directed it from corner to corner top to bottom side to side until i have mentally memorized this painting in full. I know intact that this is Ruby Bridges attending a school in New Orleans. To go to school she required a marshal escort and was meet with an almost riot of segregationists. Details that stand out to me are how she is surrounded by all white marshals that could also have a symbolic meaning. Another thing that stands out is the tomato sans on the wall behind little Ruby. This means that the people in the crowd re very opinionated. the last thing that stand out to me is the letter poking out of one of the marshals pockets.

    I agree with tanner sparks that the government did try to stop rascal in the deeper south. but I also think that it is more up to the people if they truly want change. But the bigger picture of this painting is that the first black child is going to a public school. This caused an uproar in all of America because of how strange of an idea this was. As you can see today Ruby has succeed in conquering public school for africans americans all across america.

  25. Right as soon as i laid my eyes on this painting i knew what was going on because i have seen this before and studied it. Now my guess is still as good as anybody else's but, what i can say is that this painting was meant around the time of segregation.
    This painting in particular was thought up of when the African American students weren't allowed into public schools. And the colored children had to be escorted to and from school. The clues that stand out are the racist word on the wall, the tomato thrown at the girl, the 4 court marshals escorting her around.

  26. This is a very diverse painting that was most likely very important to the time and was a very symbolic message to the public. When piecing it together the three details that stood out to me would have to be, first the school supplies in the young African Americans arms. This is important because it shows where they were taking her and why she needs protection. The second important detail I noticed was the four Deputy U.S. Marshalls escorting her. This shows how it was not safe for the young lady to attend school and needs protection. The last detail that stood out to me was the word nigger written on the wall. This shows the time zone and why the young girl needed protection.

    I did not know who this girl was until I glanced over Roberts saying that it was Ruby Bridges in New Orleans. The big picture of this beautiful painting I would have to say is it is a young girl trying to attend school. But because of the racists in town it makes it very difficult forcing her to be escorted by four U.S. Marshalls.

  27. A little girl
    Who just wants to go to school
    In an ever-changing world which just wants to go back
    She is the change
    She stands for her race against others
    In ways they can't
    A black girl in a white school
    A shock for any southern state
    She stands for her race, her equality, and her desire
    The race which suffers from oppression
    The race which hopes for equality
    The race which desires to be in an equal world
    She walks against the nation and into a school of difference
    People disagree the whole way there
    She needs protection to fulfill her hopes
    To go to school with the world who has been separated for so long