Monday, August 27, 2012

What About Door #2?

A FEW TIPS: To read this painting, use the technique we practiced in class today: Gather as many "clues," or specific details as you can; try to find something that no one else in the class sees.  Then, try to piece them together to tell a larger story.  Remember to make the story as complete as possible.

YOUR TASK: In your blog, please describe which THREE clues, or details, were the most significant to this painting and why.  Then, tell us what you see as the larger picture.  Please remember to read others' posts before you create your own, and try to reference someone else's interpretation.

NOTE: This is a complex painting.  If you start to feel lost, remember the card trick from class today: If you don't succeed in interpreting the painting the first time around, try a different angle...focus on just one part of the painting, then look at the corners, then just the bottom, or the top, etc.  Keep gather little clues, one at a time, until you start to see a larger picture.


  1. When looking a this painting I notice many clues but the lack of light, the presence of death, and the slight sense of fear really catch my eye. It appears that these people are being innocently attacked by a larger force. While the mother morns her lost child and body that looks to have put up a fight lies motionless on the floor, one can really capture the feeling this painting represents. That feeling is suffering. In the midst of all of the chaos the rest of the people look up at the only source of light that represents a watchful eye and a sense of hope.

  2. Three clues I spotted where the people in pain, the fire in the back ground and person on the ground with the knive in his hand shows a time of pain and sorrow the bigger picture is that ist really about world war 2 and how the spanish where treated this painting was painted by Pablo picassoand its titled guernerica.

  3. Three clues from the painting that I thought, showed pain was the lad over one the left holding what looks to be her son and crying because he is probably dead.Also at the very bottom of the picture there is a man laying there and what looks to me like he is screaming. The third and final clue that I found was the person on the right who seems to be in a lot of pain because their limping