Monday, August 27, 2012

Or Perhaps It's Door #3?

A FEW TIPS: To read this painting, use the technique we practiced in class today: Gather as many "clues," or specific details as you can; try to find something that no one else in the class sees.  Then, try to piece them together to tell a larger story.  Remember to make the story as complete as possible.

YOUR TASK: In your blog, please describe which THREE clues, or details, were the most significant to this painting and why.  Then, tell us what you see as the larger picture.  Please remember to read others' posts before you create your own, and try to reference someone else's interpretation.

NOTE: This is a complex painting.  If you start to feel lost, remember the card trick from class today: If you don't succeed in interpreting the painting the first time around, try a different angle...focus on just one part of the painting, then look at the corners, then just the bottom, or the top, etc.  Keep gather little clues, one at a time, until you start to see a larger picture.


  1. As I look at this painting, I feel that the three clues or details that stand out the most are the fact that the clocks are melting, the bugs on the face of the clocks, and the time of day. I think that the author of the painting is trying to convey that time doesn't matter. The time of day looks like very early morning or sunset as well as the bugs on the faces of the clocks indicates that time is flying. The fact that the clocks are melting also symbolizes that time is melting away.

  2. When I look at this particular painting I notice plenty of clues on to what the bigger picture is. First of all I notice that the clocks are melting in a desert type landscape. Also, in this painting I notice the background seems to go on forever almost if there is no else but the desert type landscape to go. In addition, there is flies all over one of the clocks. All these clues put together for me describes a painting wear time is melting as if you wear walking in a never ending desert and there is nothing for miles and its just like time is melting away to the point wear the desert is all that around who's ever perspective this painting is.

  3. As I'm looking at the painting There are many many details in which the meaning of this painting is based upon. However the three I notice most are as follows. The detail that has My eyes most occupied is the weird horse thing in the middle with the clock on it. It looks either dead or I guess it could be a log that looks like a horse. The second detail that grabs my attention is the random strewing of clocks all over the picture. I'm feeling that that is the main theme in this particular painting actually. The third and final detail is the distant coast line that is very colorfully painted and detailed. I wonder if it could mean anything about the time reference like past present or future. I think the big picture is the showing of time having no meaning, or that time is slowly melting away. To me it is kind of a sad reality check but also a happy kind of feeling or color scheme.

  4. As I look at this painting the Three things that stand out to m the most are the clocks and the ocean and the bugs on the orange clock. I noticed in the background is was kinda a nature background. What this picture i think is trying to tell is that when your in nature or on a vacation time slows down. And you don't pay attention to time as much as you do in work. Where you are looking at the clock all the time and that is one thing that you are always thinking bout. But when you go into the wild time kinda melts away from you and slows down. Everything in the city is moving so fast but in nature it is the exact opposite.